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Rocky Point Beach Vacation
     Rocky Point
Rocky Point Beach Vacation

    Puerto Peñasco, or Rocky Point, is one of the safest towns in all of Mexico, and is only  
    60  miles south of the Arizona border. It is a mere four-hour drive from either Phoenix or
    Tucson. A newly completed scenic highway makes it less than a six hour drive from San
    Diego.  Rocky  Point is the closest beach getaway for most folks in Arizona, and while it's
    been a popular vacation spot for decades, it has only recently come into its own as a
    resort town.  Rocky Point has the advantage of being a “Free Zone”, which means visitors
    enter without having to complete time-consuming visa and immigration procedures.

    Nestled atop the Gulf of California, tourists on all budgets enjoy Rocky Point's sandy
    beaches, water sports, fishing, golf, nightlife, and the unique atmosphere and expansive
    sunsets on the Sea of Cortez.
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